Voter Rewards

B3TR tokens will be sent weekly to the Vote2Earn pool. The purpose of these funds and this pool is to incentivize people to engage in the platform by voting on proposals and allocation rounds. B3TR tokens will be rewarded to users who have voted in the previous voting cycle, both in general governance proposals and allocation rounds.

All funds received by the Vote2Earn pool as part of the B3TR emissions will be used as voter rewards.

Galaxy Member NFT

The VeBetterDAO uses an upgradeable NFT system to determine the level of user privilege. The greater the level, the greater the B3TR token rewards.

GM levels will be unlocked progressively, requiring time for users to first accumulate the requisite number of B3TR for upgrades.

Node holders will be able to upgrade for free until the level specified by the "Mint Plan" column.

Quadratic Rewarding

Quadratic Rewarding (QR) in VeBetterDAO is the approach used for distributing voting rewards. Under QR approach, the rewards a user receives will be determined by the square root of their VOT3 token holdings. This method ensures that while users with more tokens still receive higher rewards, the rate of increase in rewards does not grow linearly with the number of tokens held. Instead, it rises at a decreasing rate, promoting a fairer distribution of rewards and helping to close the wealth gap within our community.

Reward Formulas

QR divides rewards into two categories based on the type of voting: X Allocation and General Governance. Both types incorporate an NFT Multiplier to adjust the influence of a user’s tokens based on their GM NFT level, promoting active and sustained participation.

X Allocation Reward Calculation

X Allocation Reward for user ii

XAllocationRewardi=(ti+(ti×NFTMultiplieri100))\text{XAllocationReward}_{i} = \left( \sqrt{t_{i}} + \left(\sqrt{t_{i}} \times \frac{\text{NFTMultiplier}_{i}}{100}\right) \right)


  • tt is the total VOT3 tokens used by the user in XAllocation Voting.

  • NFTMultiplierNFTMultiplier enhances the voting power based on the user's GM NFT level.

General Governance Reward Calculation

Governance Reward for user ii

GovernanceRewardi=α(vi+(vi×NFTMultiplieri100))\text{GovernanceReward}_{i} = \alpha\left( \sqrt{v_{i}} + \left(\sqrt{v_{i}} \times \frac{\text{NFTMultiplier}_{i}}{100}\right) \right)


  • vv represents the VOT3 tokens delegated to a user for a given voting round

  • NFTMultiplierNFTMultiplier enhances the voting power based on the user's GM NFT level.

  • α\alpha represents the number of proposals voted on in the voting round

Total Rewards Calculation

Total reward weight for user ii

TotalRewardi=XAllocationRewardi+GovernanceRewardi\text{TotalReward}_{i} = \text{XAllocationReward}_{i} + \text{GovernanceReward}_{i}

Total rewarded B3TR to user ii for a round is thus calculated as follows:

B3TRRewardi=TotalRewardijTotalRewardj×Emissions Pool\text{B3TRReward}_{i} = \frac{\text{TotalReward}_{i}}{\sum_{j} \text{TotalReward}_{j}} \times \text{Emissions Pool}

Where the sum is taken over all users jj participating in the voting

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