B3TR & VOT3 Tokens

B3TR - Incentive Token

Address: 0x5ef79995FE8a89e0812330E4378eB2660ceDe699

B3TR is the incentive token of VeBetterDAO. Its functions include:

  1. General incentive token for VeBetterDAO, including DAO Treasury Management

  2. Value carrier and monetization mechanism for active participants and innovative enterprise models

  3. Incentive token for sustainability applications

  4. Back VOT3 tokens 1:1, the token required for VeBetterDAO governance

The total supply of B3TR is capped at 1,000,000,000 tokens, with a weekly issuance schedule carried out over 12 years.

VOT3 - Governance Token

Address: 0x76Ca782B59C74d088C7D2Cce2f211BC00836c602

VOT3 is the governance token of the VeBetterDAO. Its functions include:

  1. Required to take part in governance

  2. Convertible, 1:1 between B3TR and VOT3

You can convert back and forth between B3TR and VOT3 whenever you want, with the only limitation that you cannot convert VOT3 tokens sent to you by other wallets into B3TR, just the amount you originally converted.

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